How to Apply:

Please give the restaurant a call directly or drop off your resume in-store during our break time which is usually between 2:00pm - 5:00pm.

You may be requested to fill-in a simple application form to ease the evaluation and depending on the manager’s schedule; you may also be asked to do an interview on the spot.

E-mail to:

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We are looking for cheerful individuals based on personality over experience, which means we strive for people to work harder and the ability to learn within our company rather than presenting a 10-page resume. While training is both time-consuming and expensive, it helps to develop continuity & consistency. We get as many compliments from customers about the ability of our people as we do about the tastiness of our food!

Japanese speaking ability is not mandatory; however, it is very beneficial in our working environment.

We expect our staff to be multi-tasked and flexible (example: server may have to help the dish washer or do bus if necessary). For every position, new staff will begin as a busser for at least 2 days.

Check back later for job openings.