About Us

Our Family

Ebisu belongs in the company known as the Kamei Enterprises which was established in Japan over 40 years ago. We currently have over 350 people employed and trained for the sole purpose of making your lives just a little bit better whenever given the opportunity. Our group includes prestigious restaurants such as Kamei Royale and our brand new branch located on the corner of Ash & Broadway, Ebisu on Broadway. As well as the highly successful and popular chain of Daimasu restaurants. Each branch is slightly different yet very similar at the same time.

You will find delicious food and unparalleled service at all locations. The differences you will notice are that the atmospheres at each place vary significantly from casual family dining, up-beat lounge to even classic Tatami rooms. Whether you're going for a night out with your friends, planning a party, formal business meeting or heading out with your family, each restaurant will fit your occasion perfectly!

Up close and Personal

Here's a bit more info about our restaurant and the company that started it all. We first opened our doors for business on Dec. 22nd, 2006. The decor of the restaurant was completely demolished and restored from the ground up. The result being a beautiful upscale contempary interior design fit for almost any occassion! Ranging from watching hockeys games with your pals, birthday bashes, romantic candlelight dinners or even just a low-key dinner. You can be confident that we are able to cater to any of your needs!

Our purpose right from the kick-off (pun intended) was to bring to Vancouver what the locals have never experienced. Not your typical Izakaya, or sports bar, or Japanese restaurant, or whatever else you can think of. We deliver a whole new level of dining, presenting you with a delicate fusion of traditional Japanese fare that Vancouver is well-known for with exotic touches from our imaginative chefs. Generating fresh new flavours that will leave your senses tingling. Pair that with a huge selection of drinks and our friendly waitresses to take you to a whole new level of bliss!

Media Spots

Martiniboys.com There are many individuals that are accustomed to a particular style of dining (think pub fare chains) and have difficult trying new things without the comfort of big screen TVs and drink deals to distract from the bland menu. Here we have quite the extraordinary menu, crafted by truly Japanese chefs, within this same casual atmosphere that acts as a great safety net to introduce these picky individuals to Far Eastern cuisine (without missing the Canucks game). - Ellen Jakobsmeier